Ailyn Cuervo (Valdes)

Ailyn Cuervo (Valdes)

“Too much of anything is bad but, too much champagne is just right” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hi class of 2004! Ailyn here. How have 20 years passed already?! When people say time flies, they’re not kidding. I’ll never forget going back to Varela the day after graduation, to return my cap and gown, everyone waving at each other screaming “see you at our 20 year reunion!” and thinking to myself what that would look like for me.


Welp… here are my top things, in a nutshell. In the past 20 years, I have been lucky enough to not only meet but also marry my soulmate. We have two beautiful, smart and caring kids, Adrian and Audrey. My family truly lights up my life. We are proud homeowners and spend our free time doing all things hockey (Go Panthers!).


As a career, I studied Human Resources and am now the HR Manager at two of our major television stations in South Florida. Working in the media industry is everything you think of and MORE! 


Fun Fact about me (also my humble brag): During the pandemic, when we were all quarantined and most of us were watching Netflix all day, I made my husband watch a little show you might’ve heard of, “The Office”. Well, what an amazing rollercoaster THAT has been! My husband instantly fell in love with the show (haven’t we all?) and is now the creator and founder of DunderCon and TheReunion, the largest cast reunion convention of “The Office” ever! Should I tell my kids I’m cool now?


Can’t wait to see everyone at our 20 Year Reunion!