Christopher Martinez

Christopher Martinez

Well I guess there’s a lot I can say for the last 20 years. Fresh out of High-school a few years later in late 2006 I welcomed my first Child Nicole . Things didn’t work out with her mom but that’s possibly the reason I am where I am today. You would think they would help you in school get ready for these things butttttttttt they don’t …. Lol .


Something some of you may not know was that I started DJing when I was about 14 years old . With that being said I had the opportunity in 2013 to do something that I always dreamed about doing. I signed a 2 year contract to go DJ over seas in the Mediterranean. Possibly one of the coolest things I ever did. I’ve opened up for Diplo, Dolphins cycling challenge and even DJ’d in a fashion show for Paris Hilton.  


In 2016 I met my beautiful wife Michelle. I say met because that’s how she recalls it however I was good friends with her brother since 2008 lmao. Clearly I didn’t catch her eye. But now 2017 we welcomed my second child and our first son Mason. This kid is truly my twin. A few years later in 2020 we welcomed my 3rd and our 2nd daughter Chloe. This one now …… patience and lots of Alcohol is required haha. 


I have had the chance to work many places. But for the last 13 years I followed a true passion of mine and that’s the automotive industry as a mechanic. I’ve worked at BMW, Tesla, Dodge and ultimately I followed in my dads foot steps and have been at Penske trucking for the last 4 years. I play competitive Men’s softball in my free time and I am now a full time t-ball coach. Unfortunately in 2018 I lost my mom to cancer and for those of you that had the opportunity to know her, she is truly missed. 


There isn’t much I’m missing other than it’s been a crazy 20 years since our graduation. I also want to point out whoever said woman are the only ones that gain weight after kids… They are lying!! Lol I look forward to seeing all of you at the reunion.