Erika Hernandez (Martinez)


“When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.” -Anonymous

20 years…. WOW!


Hi Erika here 🙂 since our last reunion my heart has had a lot of learning. It has learned to grow and it has learned to continue even with a big tear.  I married my best friend a little after graduating from Nova Law School in 2015. We then welcomed my baby boy in 2017. Life was a dream. Had the blessing to not feel immediate loss until then.



February 2020 felt like time froze for everyone, and on February 27, 2020 that tear in my heart happened. I lost my baby brother. I share this because my life took a turn after that day. All the good, all the bad was now defined as before that day and after that day. His memory will forever be my biggest treasure.


I am still learning to navigate a loss of this magnitud, but with him as our guardian angel, our lives continue and we welcomed our baby girl in 2021. 


20 years ago my priorities and goals were very different. Today more than ever I know family is all that matters, tomorrow is not promised and it’s ok to grieve.  Wishing all my vipers many happy days and every more great memories.